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Our Mission

young engineersHere at e² Young Engineers, we believe that children learn when they are playing and having fun.

Most children play with LEGO® bricks at home. By enrolling on our programmes, they get to play and socialise with friends, old and new whilst learning, not just basic engineering principles, concepts of physics and mathematics in a non-competitive environment but a host of other skills.

e² Young Engineers programmes also help improve and develop other skills which are crucial for academic success as well as survival in today’s fast moving and competitive environment:

  • Social and emotional skills ( patience, teamwork, communication, resilience and persistence)
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Fine motor skills
  • Transferable skills to the classroom ( organisation, self-discipline and following directions to name just a few)
  • Develop the ability to analyse engineering process – nurturing an interest in how things work and how to fix things when they don’t work (problem solving and critical thinking)
  • Creative thinking
  • Improve general knowledge in physics and various natural phenomena

Success for every child!  At e² Young Engineers Heathrow, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have children with a diverse range of abilities participating, ranging from gifted and talented to those with cognitive and learning challenges.

Our programme gives all children the chance to explore aspects of science and engineering outside their normal curriculum-based classroom activities.  They also get the opportunity to understand where mathematics fits in with engineering and science. Our programmes are specially designed to complement a child’s learning.

For more information go to Young Engineers UK website