e2 Young Engineers Heathrow UK




We are extremely excited to introduce and offer our e2 Young Engineers training programmes in the area and surroundings of Heathrow.

The programmes that we use have been carefully designed to provide the perfect training to educate and accelerate children in additional practical aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) which is outside of their regular classroom curriculum.


Each of our sessions provide advanced training in STEM by using the reputable Lego® components.  All children love Lego® so why not use this to your advantage and give them that extra learning whilst having fun.


Why try this:

  • Develop core skills such as creativity, logical thinking, problem solving and working with others
  • Combine and enrich the knowledge of the key fundamentals of education
  • Hands-on practical learning

lego enrichment galilegotech

Plus the main bonus…

  • Extra free time for the parents!!!


We provide the following programmes for children aged 6-11:

  • Classroom lessons
  • After school clubs/ workshops
  • Weekend workshops
  • Holiday workshops


Other Events:

  • Birthday parties/Weddings/Children team building events
  • Corporate team-building activities


“Using today’s child’s play to create tomorrow’s reality”


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